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  • Leonovus


    The tremendous growth of unstructured data is driving the adoption of public cloud storage and is creating new challenges like securing data in the cloud, ensuring data integrity, control over encryption keys, silent subpoenas of data, data resilience in case of breaches and forensic audit support. Leonovus is a unified storage target for all unstructured data. It helps distribute data across your storage ecosystem while minimizing your investment in conventional security paraphernalia. Leonovus secures your unstructured data through:

    • Fine-grain control on the security policy that is data-centric, not dependent on underlying infrastructure, and promotes data mobility,
    • User-managed keys across platforms including on-premise and public cloud,
    • Only placing encoded fragments of encrypted data on the public cloud,
    • Reduced threat surface by minimizing data footprint through deduplication and erasure coding,
    • An immutable chain of custody on all data events
    • and, integrity checks on all stages of data writing and recovery.

    Address: 2611 Queensview Dr
    K2B 6B7